October 19, 2016 Maunder XV

ADE Cycling in Amsterdam

It was cold rainy autumn night in Amsterdam just like this two years ago the the Deepcover jacket was conceived. As the thunder broke above, I dreaded the skies opening once more.  My bulky Parker jacket was soaked through, heavy and I cursed myself for avoiding my bright gore-tex shell just because it wasn’t stylish enough. There is only one way to explore Amsterdam and that is of course by bike.

Back in this amazing city wearing the Deepcover V is a an great feeling.  The jacket is lightweight and allows my body to move as I ride, the fishtail rear and two way front zipper giving great coverage and freedom at the same time.  I can detach the hood and safely stash it away when I get to my destination.  While conceiving the Deepcover – V jacket I had the idea to find a way to integrate lighting into the jacket, it’s always amazed me that the most visible parts of the body when cycling, the chest and back, are usually covered in dark clothing. There are products out there, cycle specific jackets the either use luminous colours or built in lights, but what happens when I get to my destination?  I’m left with garish jacket, or to those new jackets with built in LED lights, I ask myself how durable are those products and are they just seen as tacky?  I wanted to use lights I already owed, and I didn’t want the lights to be permanently attached to the jacket. Riding around Amsterdam tonight with a Fibre Flare light attached to the back of the jacket is a real pleasure, I feel much safer than the other commuters dressed in dark colours, I can almost feel the protective glow from the light mounted on my back and I know when I get to the Suzy Wong’s tonight my jacket is going to stay looking sharp, I can just easily unclip the light, and carry on with my evening.

Tomorrow the forecast is looking better and I’m happy to know I have the option of zipping out the thermal liner jacket, the Moss Fleck Green looks great with denim!  I didn’t pack two jacket I just wore the most versatile jacket on the market, and on this trip commuting around one of Europe’s wettest cities on a bike, it’s given me great protection and so many options.
It’s been a real adventure getting this far, and the first few days of our Kickstarter have been great, but we need more people to join our journey and we want to share this great product with as many people as possible.

Thanks for reading.

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