Why – Redefining outerwear in a saturated market

Maunder XV Deepcover outerwear sketch

There’s always that question, the first question… Why?

Everyone asks it. My parents asked it. Our business partners asked it. And, of course in our marketing we are asked to answer it clearly to speak to our potential customers.

Redefining outerwear in a saturated market is one of our tag lines, and it’s true. The outerwear market is saturated… What chance does a challenger brand have?

I answered the question this week, whilst preparing for a trip away for a few days. The plan…. A business meeting in London, catch an Arsenal game at the Emirates stadium, dinner (very fortunately at one of the hottest steak restaurants in London, Beast and onto an exhibition and meetings at the Hilton in Kensington the next day. Whilst packing, fingering through rows of jackets I felt reassurance like never before. It was tropical rain storms outside, my weather app said it was to stay…

It was going to be hot, close and very very wet. I was going to be in the crowds for the football, I would want to carry style at the restaurant and I would dress to gain respect at my meetings, so what to wear?

A suit jacket would be out of place at the game, my cotton trench would be soaked through, my Parker was far too warm, and if I wore a mountain jacket it just wouldn’t work for business.

I longed for the Maunder XV Deepcover samples that we had distributed. Then, I was reminded that we still had an early sample hanging in our office, so that was it….. And there was the answer to THE question.

Gunmetal and reflective details on Maunder outerwear