October 8, 2016 Maunder XV

The search for the perfect all-round jacket – The Maunder XV tipping point

Back in Milan, the fashion capital of the world and in many ways inspiration for Maunder XV.  It’s the city where on a rainy night, after being in the Alps, the pressures of wanting a performance jacket in a luxury style came to a head. I recall vividly being in a hotel room, getting ready for cocktails and dinner at Dolce and Gabbana, looking into my suitcase thinking I wanted more. My Berghaus jacket would make me look like a lost hiker.  My suit jacket was creased and not waterproof.  Everyone in Milan looks so sharp! I needed more from my clothing…… I needed a perfect all-round jacket.

As soon as I got home I started looking.  I knew I wanted performance and luxury. I  ruled out Berghaus and North Face, RAB.  Jack Wolfskin, Hagloffs and other mountain brands.  Should I be sad to say I almost felt embarrassed to wear those noisy bright jackets in a classy restaurant?  I checked out G-Star, a brand that had been a favourite of mine, but the branding had become loud and no longer subtle. Perfectly demonstrated in the link.

I checked on other brands I love.  Dickies, Schott, Timberland and especially Carhartt, but these brands weren’t using performance membrane fabrics.  I’ve always loved the durability of these brands, they have come from workwear history but it’s not the luxury pitch I was looking for.

The search continued.….