December 4, 2016 Maunder XV

Latest update and some of our media!

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It’s been a while since our last blog so apologies for that!  We’ve been so busy preparing for production.  Interest in the Deepcover Jacket has been great and we have received some really nice press.   Click the links to read the most recent articles:

Off the Cuff LDN – Listing us a most exciting new menswear products on Kickstarter.

Pretty Green Tea – Business behind the scenes of our project.

Bike Biz – Sharing with their readers about the Deepcover Jacket bridging the commuter-wear gap.

Urban Daddy – Naming us as one of the top of 10 stylish crowdfunding projects to invest in right now.

Fashion Maniacs – Advising that we are revolutionising the cold weather outerwear market.

The Manual – Leading with our Deepcover Jacket as one of their 4 recommended outerwear options this winter.

Vamper CC – Focusing on the D-Ring functionality for cycling offered by the Deepcover V.

We have been working hard to ensure every detail is ready for when we to go to production once the Kickstarter campaign has ended.  There are so many details to consider, jacket trims, shipping, packaging… We are excited for December 15th when the campaign closes!

There is still time to back us until then so please share our story with like-minded individuals – family, friends and colleagues.  

Thank for reading!  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to get in touch!

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